How do you know you’ve found your soul “group”?

And how do you know you’ve found your soul ‘group’?

By Gregg Prescott

Have you ever wondered who is in your soul group? We all made numerous soul contracts before we incarnated here, so how can we tell who is in our soul group or groups?

Chances are, every day you are meeting people who are in your soul group. The most obvious are your family members and friends but keep in mind that when you were on the other side of the veil, you literally made tens of thousands of soul contracts to meet with people who you previously incarnated here many times beforehand.

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Did you ever meet someone who you felt an instant connection to? There is a very good chance that this person is part of your soul group.

What you are feeling is the bond that you shared for many lifetimes. This includes close friends who have fallen from our lives since the day of our awakening. Keep in mind that while we may incarnate here thousands of times, some of our close friends may need a few more incarnations or lessons to learn in this 3rd dimensional reality and have broken away to complete them.

Additionally, some of our perceived 3rd dimensional “enemies” are also in our soul group as they helped to provide valuable lessons of obstacles that we needed to overcome in this incarnation while teaching us forgiveness. These people loved you so much that they volunteered to give us these lessons, knowing the possible 3rd dimensional outcomes.

The ages of the people in your soul group may drastically vary during this incarnation. Some may have came here early to help pave the way for you in some way while others may have waited to incarnate for you to do the same for them.

Your interests and hobbies may lead you to finding more of your soul group as every day, you are being led in a specific direction while fulfilling your soul contract. While you are on this journey, a soul group member will seem to magically appear to help or guide you along your path. This is certainly not a coincidence!

Sometimes, just looking at a person will resonate with you. You may never officially meet this person but you feel that familiarity with him or her as if you knew this person from somewhere or someplace. It is highly unlikely that you will meet every member of your soul group during this 3rd dimensional incarnation, but sometimes, we may cross each others paths and just know or get that feeling that we knew this “stranger” in a previous lifetime.

There is a certain magnetism that you will find when you meet a member of your soul group. It’s like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle when two soul group members meet one another. Within your cellular DNA, you remember this person on a subconscious level, which creates the feeling of familiarity with one another.

There are many people here right now with Atlantis, Lemurian and/or Pleiadian Soul Groups, and some people with all three. You may have many soul groups during this incarnation which reflect the many times you have incarnated to a 3rd dimensional density.

It would be very rare that an entire soul group incarnates together. We are receiving help and guidance, not only from our spirit guides and guardian angels, but from our soul groups and families on the other side of the veil.

Sometimes, the most important person in our soul group, our twin flame, does not incarnate with us for the same reason.

Also, virtually every one of your relationships involved a person from your soul group, including ex-wives or ex-husbands.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Part Of My Soul Group?

* You feel as though you have known this person for many, many lifetimes.

* There is an exchange of energy that is indescribable.

* Even though this person is not related to you, he or she feels like “family”.

* You may finish one another’s sentences, as if you can read their mind at times.

* A synchronicity brought you together.

Whatever the reason it is that you decided to incarnate here, be assured that you have many, many members in your soul group who love and support you!

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2 Responses to How do you know you’ve found your soul “group”?

  • While I do not subscribe to the premise of incarnate soul groups, I do feel that there are those in our groups, who make you feel as if you are, “family.” Their positive personalities, and amiable responses to your queries, are a welcome sight. I have met so many responsive ones, whose memories will remain ingrained in my heart, and will last a life time. Blessings.

  • Kelly Andria says:

    The important thing is that you have found them and cherish them. How one calls those personalities you have found is not important. Thank you for your response!

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